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MP3ren is a program for renaming MP3 files and adding information ID3 tags of version 1.1 to them. Main features:

System Requirements

The program requires 40 kilobytes of free disk space. Supplementary files (not required for the program to operate) occupy about 8 kilobytes. The program requires any of the Windows NT based operating system since it uses Unicode for text processing.


Extract files from the downloaded archive to any folder of your choice. (Only the file mp3ren.exe is required for the program to operate, the rest files are supplementary.) It is recommended to place the file mp3ren.exe to a folder listed in PATH environment variable. You, of course, can add the path to the program to this variable by yourself.


Prepare input file for the program (you can use a template file template.xml) in any text editor, Notepad for example. Original file name is required to be in the input file. You are to specify either new file name or at least one of the ID3 tag fields.

Use <album> tag attributes to specify fields for the whole album. Use <file> tag attributes to specify fields for the particular song.

Open Command Prompt and type the command:

mp3ren file1.xml [file2.xml ...]

Use full paths if required. You can specify any number of files to process in the command line. When started without parameters the program will print its version information and call format.

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