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Winamp bar in the Taskbar Menu of the Winamp bar
Winamp bar in Windows Explorer
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Winamp Bands is a shell extension of Windows (Explorer) for controlling Winamp. After installation it will add the band to the Toolbars list of the Taskbar, Windows and Internet Explorer, as well as to the Explorer Bars list. The bar displays the title of the song being played in Winamp. The text will scroll if it doesn't fit size of the band. If Winamp isn't running, the current time is displayed.

Left-click the band to show menu with playback commands. (If Winamp isn't running, Start Winamp command will be displayed.) Right-click shows menu in which you can change the band behavior and its appearance.

Unfortunately, you cannot control font, colors etc. The type of text scrolling isn't preserved as well.

Setup and system requirements

For Winamp Bands setup you need about 60 kilobytes of free disk space, Windows operating system (any version; recommended Windows 98 or newer, Windows 2000 or newer), Internet Explorer 4 (recommended 5 or newer).

Extract the files from the downloaded archive to any folder, for example Program Files\Winamp Bands. Double click the icon Install.bat or Register.bat. Both batch files will register Winamp Bands in your system. When using Install.bat, the setup will search for Winamp on your computer. This operation can be produced later using the command Start Winamp (if a band fails to start Winamp, it will offer you to choose its location).

Double click UnRegister.bat to delete Winamp Bands from your system. If you didn't use any Winamp Band in the current session, you can delete all the files. If you used it, try deleting files later, or delete them after reboot.

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